10 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

Before understanding how to maintain a car battery, one must look at which one suits their car the best. The process of making the best pick can often be quite mind-boggling. The requirements put forth by the manufacturers of the vehicle need to be looked at before making a choice.

10 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

The Cranking amps (CA) or the measure of the starting power of the battery is the first specification to be looked at. It needs to match the requirements of the vehicle. The size of the battery should also be looked at, since it varies with the size of the car. All this information can be gleaned from looking at the repair manual for the said vehicle.

The type of battery tube used is also definitely important. A battery that requires maintenance is probably going to be less harsh on the pocket, but it wouldn’t last as long as a more expensive, maintenance-free battery. All these factors need to be prioritized when searching for an ideal fit.

After selecting the appropriate fit, it is obviously important to maintain the battery to make sure that there is no permanent damage to one’s vehicle. Here are some tips to maintain your car battery:

10 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

1. Don’t leave your car unused for long periods of time:

Make sure that your vehicle is never left unused for prolonged periods of time. Driving it regularly enables the battery to be charged at a stable rate. If you know that you’re going to leave it unattended for a large amount of time (a month, for example), make sure there is someone who can start it for you in that period. An alternative to this would be to keep t disconnected for this long period of time.

2. Park your car in a well-insulated space

If your car is exposed to a large amount of moisture during the winters, the lack of insulation will cause the battery to corrode over time. Make sure you park your car in a well-insulated garage.

3. Or insulate your battery

A good alternative if you don’t have an insulated space to station your car would be to insualte the battery itself. Using battery blanket made of insulating material is ideal for this purpose. These are available at hardware stores!

4. Service your car regularly

Every automobile has its own schedule for being serviced. Make sure you follow the routine in order to keep the battery functioning in prime condition!

5. Check the charging rate of the battery

One needs to also look at the rate at which the battery charges. A very high or low rate often means that there is some form of damage. The technicians at the service centre are sure to provide a helping hand with this.

10 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

6. Never leave your headlights/ other electronics on for too long

It’s never good to leave the other electronic components of your car on without the engine being on, especially for a prolonged period of time. This causes the battery to discharge at a faster rate.

7. Make sure you clean your car battery

The surface of the car battery is prone to being oxidised, and also to catching dust. Make sure you remove the clamps and terminals of the battery to clean them. This will keep the connection strong, and prevent a weakening of charging capacity.

8. Cut down on futile, short drives

If you’re taking a cursory trip out of your home often, make sure you cut down on using your car to make these trips. A short span of usage causes damage to the battery, because it doesn’t get enough time to charge!

9. Never jump-start a flat battery

Jump-starting a flat-battery is risky, because it leads to the flow of excess electricity through the vehicle’s maze of electronics. To avoid surges, keep your headlights on if you are jumpstarting your car!

10. Replace the battery every 3-4 years

Despite the fact that there are several methods to prolong the life of a car battery, it is advisable to replace it at regular intervals, in order to make sure that the wear and tear that has occurred over time leads to some damage to your vehicle.

It is clear that a well-kept battery can prolong the life of a vehicle. Keeping these tips in mind would definitely prevent or reduce the risks of unwanted damage to one’s automobile, and the source that powers it!