Best Backup Camera for your Car

If you own a car, then you must know the importance of a backup camera. It helps you to have a view of the rear of the car and alleviates the problem of the rear blind spot. If you are interested in knowing about the choices that you have in your hand related to backup cameras, then here is a list of the best backup cameras available in our website:

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5 Best Backup Camera Review

5. AGPtEK Universal Waterproof

This particular option is by far the best you can get in the list of rear-view cameras. It comes with the following characteristics:

  • The camera can be easily installed on either the top or the bottom of the license plate of your car.
  • You can switch it on automatically by putting the car on reverse gear. When the car is parked, the system gets automatically switched off.
  • The camera also provides you with distance lines, enabling you to have an idea of the distance between you and the visible obstacle.
  • The package comes with a 3.5 inch LCD monitor with the TFT technology, camera, two power cables and one video cable of 6-meter length.
  • To make the installation and the working of the system simple, the package also contains a user manual that provides you the detailed step-by-step procedure for every aspect of its functioning.

4. LotFancy Car Vehicle Backup Camera

This is one of the best backup cameras that come with a widescreen along with the associated features:

  • The LCD screen is around 7 feet and comes with the latest TFT technology. The waterproof camera can be mounted on the license plate.
  • The camera can be remote-controlled in a wireless manner.
  • The installation procedure is simple and it does not cause any damage to the car.
  • It is associated with two RCA video that can be connected to DVD, GPS, Xbox, PS2 or the rear view camera itself that contains the RCA video port.

3. Hopkins 50002 Smart Hitch Backup Camera

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This particular backup camera is quite common amongst vehicle owners because of its following characteristics:

  • It comes with SmartZone sensors that enable the driver to go for towing and hitching.
  • The monitor comes with a 3.5-inch crystal clear display screen that produce a static-free image.
  • The installation involves a simple plug-in procedure. It does not require any splicing.
  • The camera covers three detection zones.

2. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera

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The second must-have in the list is this particular product with the following features:

  • The camera is waterproof with a rating of IP67.
  • The installation procedure is easy and can be attached on top of the license plate. It comes with a suction cup so that it can be easily placed.
  • It is specifically designed to reduce the rear blind spot.
  • The camera includes night vision, parking assistance, and sharp picture.
  • You can transmit the image wirelessly to the monitor by taking the vehicle in reverse gear.

1. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

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This is one of the best choices in the list of backup cameras with the following exciting features

  • It comes with the exciting color CCD technology with a wide viewing angle of 130◦
  • The camera is completely waterproof with a high rating of IP69K.
  • It comes with 18 infrared lights that enable you to view up to 50 feet in the dark.
  • It is associated with a 66’ cable that has connections of aircraft grade. All the necessary components come with the product.

This is a list of the best backup cameras that you will get on our website. You can have a look at each of them and take an intelligent decision based on your requirements.