Best Planers Review

The planers are one of the essential tools for the woodworkers and even some time for other. They are used for both of the soft and hardwoods. There are several planers available in the market and you have to know about them properly if you have an intention for buying one. In order to find out the right one, you have to consider several things. In this article, you will know about the important things of the best planer.

Most importantly, you have to consider the power. And to be sure about the power, you have to consider how much powerful motor used to make the planer. The item which can deliver more RMP, it can deliver an exceptional, smooth and fast performance. The design should be very well and lightweight so that you can use the planer with comfort.

There are more things to know properly about several types of planers. The following review will provide the entire information that you have to know. After reading the reviews, you will have a clear idea about the essential things that you have to consider before selecting one. So, reading the reviews and considering the features will ensure choosing the best planers.

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5 Best Planers Review


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Delivers an exceptional performance which will be very smooth and fast. Built-in a 6 Amp powerful motor and ensures a great RPM for precise materials removal. Very useful for several tasks and the craft door worker will get a nice performance with this planer. Hassle-free using made this more efficient.

4. Bosch PL1632

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With the capability of 16,500 RPM, this one is considered as one of the most powerful planers which built-in 6.5 Amp motor. Suitable for providing a smooth finish for both of the soft as well as hardwoods. There is the facility of an easy planning depth settings which ensures a safe and precise using.

3. WEN 6530 6-Amp

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To get a professional grade performance, this one is the best selection. Able to deliver 34,000 cuts in each minute and a 6 Amp motor used to make this planer. It’s a lightweight item which is designed for an easy and comfortable using. Overall, it’s a powerful hand planer to enjoy a variety of cutting depths, reversible dust chute etc.

2. WEN 6550 12.5-Inch

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For those who need more power and to do the heavy job, this one will be perfect for them. This planer is built-in a powerful 15 Amp motor and able to generate 18,800 of cuts per minute. There are several useful features and the most important features a tri-roller feeding system, dust hose connection port, rubber adjustment system etc.


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A reliable item which is also popular with the users. You will get most of the useful features with this planer. The 15 Amp motor is able to provide 20,000 RPM which ensures an easy cutting of versatile items. This one is also very durable when the three knife cutter head provides 30% of the more knife lifetime. It is easy to change the knife and there is no hassle at all.

In according to the design and quality, there are several items which are considered as the best. In that case, you have to know about the planers properly to be sure about which one is the best selection for you. There are many brands and you will find different items on the market. By considering the features and the qualities described in the reviews, you will be able to choose the best planers easily.