How To Identify the Best Metal Detector For You

Metal detecting is an enjoyable experience that can either be a pastime or profession. With the best metal detector, you can fully know how fun it is to explore the great outdoors. Plus, this activity pays because you never know what valuable you might stumble upon, be it gold, silver or money.

The factors that should guide you on how to find the best metal detector for you are; where you will be detecting mostly, how much you wish to spend, your level of experience, how often you will be detecting and what you hope to find. Here are features of top 5 metal detectors to help you decide:

5 Best Metal Detector Review

5. Teknetics T2 Special Limited Edition

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Main features are: Has double filter discrimination modes for search in trashy areas. Has a low operating cost with 4 AA batteries. Has a large LCD Screen with 0-99 numeric target ID. Includes 5 and 11 inch search coils. Has bar graph readout of ground mineralization.

4. Minelab CTX 3030 Standard Pack

Main features are: Is waterproof up to 3 meters in the water. Preinstalled instruction sets that come in 9 languages with a wireless audio to hear the instructions. Has a GPS locator that lets you know where you have already been. Has Ferocious and conductivity resolution settings to help you get only what you want. Has internal processor that enables you to know the target sensed from the target ID.

3. Fisher F4 Metal Detector

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Its main features are: 11-segment visual target ID that helps distinguish trash from treasure. One-touch notch with numeric depth readout. Has manual ground balance with high deep seeking auto tune. Has an 11 inch bi-axial search coil.

2. Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

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Its main features are; Has a battery condition indicator that shows the life of the battery continually. Has an expanded target ID legend with easy-to-read large LCD screen pushbutton and one-touch operation. Has adjustable search modes that assist the user in estimating the target depth. Has electronic pinpointing for better target location and speed recovery.

1. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

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This is a high-quality metal detector. Comes with a 15 kHz frequency to enhance the search of small objects. Comes with a digital target ID scale to increase the ability to tell the object conductivity. Has 3 types of audio that enable the user to hear object targets. Has an adjustable ground balance for better performance. Has a graphic target analyser for identifying target conductivity.

If you have the best metal detector, you don't have to worry about what you are doing. Just guide your machine and it will find what you desire for you.